Rob Deschenes, Founder ECI
Freelance Tradeshow Manager & Entrepreneur

Exhibit Central International (ECI), is owned and operated by Rob Deschenes, a tradeshow entrepreneur and freelancer, specializing in marketing technology at domestic and  international  tradeshows, with the mission to integrate, collaborate and educate the best possible exhibiting practice to maximize your time and budget. Whether you're getting ready to exhibit at your first tradeshow or you're already exhibiting around the world, ECI represents you with over 34 years of global tradeshow marketing expertise, passion and commitment to help you succeed in any area of exhibiting in a face to face marketing environment.

My passion for trade shows began in 1986, as a display fabricator building exhibits for companies such as Infusaid, Foxboro Company, Zildjian Cymbals, Ciga Hotels, plus so many others. Developing a thirst for marketing, I entered into the high tech sector as a marketing specialist at Data General (now integrated into DELL via EMC) and within two years found myself working at Cabletron Systems (now someway integrated into Extreme Networks) a Fortune 500, located in Rochester, NH, a fast pace work environment, manufacturing hardware for this thing called the internet, where I directed global tradeshow programs for over 10 years.


As an entrepreneur with a passion for bringing new products to market in face to face environments, building cool stuff, meeting awesome people and having to solve problems fast, I founded Exhibit Central Incorporated (ECI) in 2002, where I help B2B from around the globe maximize their trade show dollar, reduce their stress and make exhibiting profitable and enjoyable.  

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