"I would be insane NOT to use ECI's services" Stephen Garrison - VP Marketing

"The major benefit of working with ECI is that they work independently to produce high-quality events for our company. Their expertise and industry knowledge is very valuable to our tradeshow program."  Marie Condon - Juniper

"ECI was a pleasure to work with in managing booth set-up from concept to removal. I highly recommend ECI. They are fun to partner with and they get things done! :)" Greg Lok, Konica Minolta BIC

"Rob and the ECI team are consummate professionals. My clients Konica Minolta and Simbersoft needed extra hand holding and were seeking a creative solution to showcase their offerings at the INTEROP event. I knew I could rely on Rob to make sure they had all their needs met both before, during and post event. He will listen to client needs and deliver the best outcome available according to budget. I would highly recommend ECI for any and all on site solutions from simple to complex".  Rachel Hanson - UBM Tech

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