Developing an Intelligent Delivery Systems

for the convention & exhibition industry



As old as the convention & exhibition industry is, one universal problem remains, knowing your local resources to resolve any problem at any given time, fast and cost-effectively.

Whether it be a need for a simple piece of velcro, a nut & bolt, super glue, HDMI cable or something a little more challenging like a new graphic, screw gun or hand cart, setting up for an event has challenges, regardless of where you are in the world.

Over 92% of all exhibitors forget and/or need something before or during their event and don't have or know the resource to provide it.


Converge Smart Vending with Ride Share Technology


Marquee Sponsor / Investor

- App Development & Deployment

- Expo Runners & Delivery 

- Lock Box


Vending Sponsor / Investor

- Smart Vending

- Rental Equipment

Digital Media Sponsor


- Advertising 

Scalable Business Opportunities...

  • digital advertising

  • b2b subscription service

  • retail sales

  • rental sales

  • app based advertising

  • increase existing ride share revenue

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