ECI has bundled the most common trade show marketing services, job functions and responsibilities you need to exhibit successfully to represents you and your organization as an independent trade show manager. All trade show functions and responsibilities are performed in the best interest of your organization to maximize your ROI.  Priced by total number of trade shows per year and billed monthly. Substitution and/or customization of services is optional.
* reports the average cost of salary and benefits for a Trade Show Manager is $118,000 ($9,833 per month)

Description of  Services

  • Research and Consultation with any show organizer to learn the demographics and history of any trade shows you request and express interest. ECI will be the liaison between you and your show organizers to select booth space, prepare contacts for authorization and manage deliverable.


  • Budget and Reconciliation using excel spreadsheets we prepare and breakdown estimated exhibiting expenses by line items required to execute each show and track actual expenses for reconciliation after each show. We customized and create a template based on your use and assets.


  • Exhibit Service Ordering includes all the services required to exhibit for any show you request based on the display and demos being set. Pay for services using your credit card on file or using the Procurement and Bill Consolidation service.

  • Registration & Hotel Block is an ongoing coordination service to be certain everyone attending is registered with the appropriate registration and has a hotel accommodation that meets your corporate travel policy. A liaison between either official housing, independently manage, corporate travel or access to a web-based portal.

  • Vendor Matching & Relations is all about building the perfect team to maximize your marketing dollar and integrate with any existing vendors you may already have and love. ECI believes chemistry and passion makes all the difference in the results of each and every project you do, establishing relationships goes beyond  price but without exceeding budget.


  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Preparation and distribution based on your criteria, ECI will prepare RFPs for new display construction and/or any projects, finding up to three suppliers for design and proposal.

  • Complementary Portable Displays is a loaner program ranging from tabletop, 8x8,10x10 and 10x20 portable displays with ECI produced graphics.


  • Online Inventory is a web-based inventory program for all your display assets, promotional  items, products, and/or any marketing material you want stored and managed on line.

  • Portable Display Fulfillment is a pull & prep, storage and in & out service for all your portable display assets. You receive a low flat fee for each fulfillment, where at each request your property is inspected, photographed and prepared and shipped out with return labels and personally tracked with on going communication with the requestor. 

  • Procurement and Bill Consolidation speeds up your AP process by opening one PO per quarter, show, event or project and take advantage of a low 5% processing fee (20% without membership) for all your marketing expenses…

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