Helping you implement your trade show and event programs


From the board room to the loading dock, ECI seamlessly integrates with you and your team. Helping get the job done, on time and on budget. Providing you all the expertise from coordinating a single task to executing a full trade show calendar, our mission is to simplify your exhibiting process so you can focus on your strategy.

Onsite project management from move in to move out

ECI is your onsite specialist, providing you with all the help you need when you need it the most.
  • Runner service (you're going to need something)
  • Vendor liaison
  • Freight, utilities and hanging sign spotting 
  • Supervision coverage  
  • Fast problem solving network 
  • Outbound handling & shipping arrangements
  • Equipment rental pick up & return service 
  • Warehousing and freight consolidation depot
  • Anything to help you have the best exhibiting experience ever

Building within budget from concept to completion 


Whether you’re refurbishing an existing property, building new, renting custom or creating a hybrid display, it begins by understanding you, your marketing strategy and your ideas. With over 100,000 decisions to make and thousands of vendors around the globe, you're guided every step of the way. As an independent contractor representing you, you can be certain every decision is in your best interest and every design meets your criteria.

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